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In my previous life (pre-retirement), after majoring in American History as an undergrad, I was an Appellate Attorney often working on cases involving Constitutional Law. So I appreciate the Legal Concept “All men are created equal” the Founders expressed in the Declaration of Independence and sought to implement (as much as they considered practical) in… Sigue leyendo mikeslr .- That’s the way we work !!


Portable USB

Are u tired of problems when using different computers.   Fuck them all.- configure a USB with the apps you need to do your work   VISIT.- https://goo.gl/hW5Wsz   Over 300 Real Portable Apps Over 960 Million Downloads Free, Legal, Safe, and Fully Portable No Shovelware. No Bundleware. The PortableApps.com Platform installs and automatically updates your apps… Sigue leyendo Portable USB


280 carácter en Twitter para todos

FatDog puppy 64 bits

FatDog 7.10 (Big 64 b puppy MOD)

Fatdog64 Linux is a small yet versatile 64-bit multi-user Linux distribution. Originally created as a “fatter” (=more built-in applications) derivative of Puppy Linux, Fatdog has grown to become an independent, mature 64-bit Linux distribution while still keeping true to Puppy Linux spirit: small, fast and efficient. At around 350MB, Fatdog boots up to a complete desktop environment ready… Sigue leyendo FatDog 7.10 (Big 64 b puppy MOD)


Magoo Pup v5 & v6 The Pups with a 10-foot user interface

credits to MADDOG   / ETP     DOWNLOAD IT FROM: http://www.mydrive.ch Guest login name = maddog@puppy4 Password= maddog     This Pup is intended to provide a non-intimidating, easily accessible interface of basic functions suitable for the elderly new to computing. As such it includes Skype to stay in touch with relatives and a… Sigue leyendo Magoo Pup v5 & v6 The Pups with a 10-foot user interface

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Como gato panzArriba !!

Hola a todos: Ultimamente, parece que estoy “como gato panza arriba” porque todo lo que estoy leyendo parece que me mosquea y me hace sentir mal. Lo siento si da esa impresión… pero puede que sea porque ME SIENTO ASÍ.   Los que somos un poco “mayores” recordamos aquel tiempo en el que el que… Sigue leyendo Como gato panzArriba !!

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HOW TO install puppy linux

Steps Download the ISO file from a trusted source. Burn it to CD. Boot live. Click Menu then Setup then Puppy universal installer. Install with Universal installer. Choose type of disk. Choose specific disk to install to. Choose partition to install to. Confirm partition and disk. ….. continue with this link…. (images)    WITH IMAGES… Sigue leyendo HOW TO install puppy linux