HOW TO…. download waze maps

Hello everybody:

This morning, one of my friends sent me an apps to work with your gps offline.

I’m a waze user, so I searched for the similar configuration with waze.

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS   ( credits to mashtips)


Save Waze Map Offline

Waze is a community-based, feature rich, powerful app that featured with real-time traffic, road alert, accidents, etc. Unfortunately, Waze is not offering any built-in feature to save the map offline. Actually Waze need internet conncetion to work fully functional. But there is some workaround to get an offline copy of the Map.

Waze Map

If you want to get a Waze map offline, you have to open Waze application ahead with your WiFi or data connection and enter the address you want to go. Once the routing is completed, Waze will keep this map details in cache until you close the app. You can use this cached map details for your trip without an internet connection. Please be aware that while you offline, you won’t get any map updates or traffic updates until you connect your mobile device to an internet connection.

Download Waze traffic info

Make sure your device connected to the Internet, open Waze App and type the location you want to go. Now Waze will calculate the routes to your destination and display on the app. Now tap on the Waze icon to get menu and tap on a ‘tiny setting’ icon in the new pop-up window. Waze Settings > Advanced Settings > Data transfer > Download traffic info > turn on to save the current traffic information. Be aware, without internet, you may not get the updated traffic alert in Waze.

waze save traffic info

In addition to this traffic info, this window will show you how much data already cached by Waze app and you can update your map information from this window.

ANDROID USERS:  Don’t have time to convert your required maps to offline? You can buy the dedicated offline maps that can purchase for your Android phone or tablet. These Free Offline Android Maps can convert your phone or tablet into a dedicated GPS device without spending money for the data plan.








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