Magoo Pup v5 & v6 The Pups with a 10-foot user interface

credits to MADDOG   / ETP






Guest login name = maddog@puppy4
Password= maddog



This Pup is intended to provide a non-intimidating, easily accessible interface of basic functions suitable for the elderly new to computing. As such it includes Skype to stay in touch with relatives and a customised version of the Magoo dotpet

Fontwizard and a range of tweaks are also incorporated for best clarity. Many functions such as Internet & Skype access are available by just pressing a single key.

It is based on a re-master of the recently released Precise Puppy All of the original applications and utilities are still present. A Quick Start Guide is attached.

Items Removed and tweaked:

All desktop icons leaving only the drive icons & the save icon when created. The default GTK theme (Stark Blueish) was adjusted for better highlighting. Fonts & themes have already been pre-set for maximum clarity once the setup procedure has been implemented.

Items added:

A wallpaper suitable for a wide range of monitor resolutions.
Skype-4.pet (Thanks to bolded forum members) – 666philb
Fontwizard 0.0.1 (01micko)
A customised Magoo.pet
Pupclockset-1.9.2 (radky)
High visibility JWM theme & icons (Blue-ash / Faenza)
Blue-Tripack.pet (Dewbie)
Faenza_lrx_new.pet (522256741 & big_bass)
PupApps-1.9.pet (radky)
PupSnap-1.8_Scrot-0.8_32Bit.pet (radky)
PupControl-2.2.2.pet (radky)
xdotool-2.20110530.1-3 (Stu90)


1. W.W.W., N E W S: and F-C A S T make use of the default browser to provide the Google home page, Google news and Yahoo weather forecast relevant to your location. (Tested with Chromium, Firefox & SeaMonkey)

2. E-M A I L – Launches your default email client.

3. SKYPE – Launches Skype4 which is included.

4. D A T E – Launches the OSMO calendar.

5. C A L C – Launches Galculator (A calculator) pre-configured with a suitable window size.

6. P I C S – Launches Viewnior – an image viewer.

7. The PEN & PAPER icon launches Abiword a word processor.

8. The two large BLUE BUTTONS shutdown the PC. (It is present on both screens should a new user close one of the two menus)


1. A single left click on the PupControl icon on the taskbar will launch more apps and utilities which are handy for initial setup.

2. A single click on the PupApps icon gives easy access to more frequently used apps & utilities. (The full JWM menus are still available via the menu button or by right clicking on the desktop)

3. A single click on the small camera icon on the taskbar will launch PupSnap. Pressing the “Print Screen” key will also launch PupSnap.

4. A single click on the “Folder” icon provides quick access to your Pictures and desktop wallpaper. Wallpaper can be changed via the PupControl desktop tab. If you plug in a USB stick containing say family photographs, you can copy them across to this folder. Screenshots taken with PupSnap will also go automatically into this folder.

5. A single click on the “Tux” icon will re-launch the first Magoo menu screen should it be inadvertently closed.


6. Pressing [F12] will bring the JWM menu up on screen. Esc will exit. Note that you can navigate the menu structure using your 4 arrow keys.

7. Pressing the left hand [WINDOWS LOGO KEY] will launch Skype.

8. Pressing the “WINDOWS MENU KEY” (key showing menu image with mouse pointer) if present, will home the cursor to the centre of the screen.

9. Navigation of the Magoo menus is possible without using the mouse. Simply use your 4 arrow keys to move to the desired icon then press enter. By default when the first menu appears on screen the W.W.W. icon will be selected. Simply press enter to go straight to Google!

Voice Search:

10. W.W.W. access has been pre-configured to make use of Google Voice Search.
To use this:
A) You require a working microphone.
B) The service must be available in your location.
C) You must first install the Chromium 25 browser PET detailed below.

To use it, boot up Magoo and press enter to access Google. Click on the microphone at the end of the search box and when invited to speak utter the magic words “Puppy Linux”.
To make another search, click on the mike again and say “Pictures of Puppies”.
Be careful what you say next !!!!!

Setup Procedure:

1. Complete the normal “first-run” dialogues and create a savefile.

2. Upon re-booting navigate to the desktop menu and set the global font size to 96.[84 if using netbook] (Access this setting via the PupControl icon and its desktop tab.) Then restart X.

3. If you are using an LCD display, launch Fontwizard from the JWM/desktop menu, tick all boxes & then click on apply. Restart X.

Where to obtain the ISO: (203 MB)

The ISO and MD5 are to be found here:


Guest login name = maddog@puppy4
Password= maddog


1. On a small netbook pressing ALT+F10 will maximise the Magoo menu on screen. (or just click on maximise)

2. Also available for download on the above server are a range of optional pets that have been tested with and are highly suitable for Magoo. In particular Thunderbird and Chromium provide improved clarity and speed over SeaMonkey.

3. If you opt to install Chromium launch it first from the JWM menu. It will then offer the option to make itself the default browser which you should accept.

4. If you install Thunderbird make sure that before using the Magoo menu to launch it, you edit the file “/usr/local/bin/defaultemail” to use thunderbird.

Final Thoughts:

My thanks go to Greengeek for nudging me in the direction of a Magoo based ISO, his many useful suggestions and help with testing. I have enjoyed this project and hope that it is of benefit. A Quick Start Guide is attached and a pdf version is also available on “mydrive”.


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